Dedicated Professionals committed to offering a challenging, engaging, and beneficial psycho-educational program, committed to changing the way batterers make their decisions. Based on the curriculum developed by DAIP in Duluth Minnesota, and following the guidelines developed by them, and the Statutes of the State of Florida.

The Project Change program is always looking for ways to meet the needs of the St. Augustine, and St. Johns County community. Our clients participate in group meetings, where the way they make decisions and the processes involved are challenged by others in the group at every turn, remembering that they alone control themselves and their behaviors.  Our Clients are held accountable for their actions, past, present and future every week.

Batterers Intervention is not Anger Management, because simply managing anger does not cause a person to “CHANGE” the way they think or act. It simply teaches to control anger, not the controlling, domineering, or threatening behaviors that all control Domestic Violence Episodes.