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07/26/17  St. Johns County

      Sadly another Local law Enforcement Officer was arrested this week, the 5th, so far in 2017 from just one Department, charged with Domestic Violence. I won’t name him here because who he is, is not important to us as a community. What is important is that his victim, was able to find the resources she needs to be safe, and live a life that hopefully, is now without fear, intimidation and violence.

Everyone wants respect, not only from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, but the general public and even strangers. Especially though, the respect of people they care about and who they thought cared about them. Domestic Violence shatters that thought and often makes it impossible to every truly trust that person ever again.

Domestic Violence is truly the original home grown “Terrorist” and terrorism is never acceptable for any reason.


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