How to post a video to youtube

As many clients know we use videos for many homework assignments. The value of seeing body expression and facial expressions is critically important. You need to see what others are seeing when you say something.

The link below is for instructions on how to upload a video to a account. Yes you have to make your own account.

Once your video is uploaded then list it as unlisted not private. When it is unlisted no one can search for it, or see it unless they have a link to it. You will then copy the link and send it via email to :

I check my email many times through the day and as soon as I see it and have a chance to view the video, I will send a reply back to you so that you know I have seen it. If you don’t get an email back…It is safe to assume something happened and it did not go through. Video’s are important tools that you can use as a diary, or a way to set goals for yourself and see your progression to those goals. Below is a link to instructions on uploading a video from a cell phone.

Youtube Video Instructions

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