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In 2016, 105,668 crimes of domestic violence were reported to Florida law enforcement agencies resulting in 63,193 arrests. During fiscal year 2015-2016, Florida’s certified domestic violence centers provided 600,621 nights of emergency shelter to 16,362 survivors of domestic violence and their children. Advocates created 113,907 tailored safety plans, provided a total of 412,454 hours of advocacy and counseling services, and received 122,999 domestic violence hotline calls from individual seeking emergency services, information, and safety planning assistance.

Many more survivors of domestic violence are not reporting their abusers to the police or accessing services at domestic violence services due to reasons such as shame, fear, or being prevented from doing so by their abusers. For this reason, we may never know the true extent of abuse in our country and in our state.


Welcome to Kid Bridge PROJECT CHANGE Batterers Intervention Program



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Project Change is committed to the safety of intimate partners by stopping the abusive, controlling actions of partners by utilizing the best techniques available to show abusers that they can change. That the effort and accountability taught to them will allow them to examine not only their actions but their entire perception of right, wrong, and especially privilege.

Clients are held accountable for their past actions from the first meeting, not in an attempt to solely shame or embarrass them but to actually change the way they think about how they act.

Violence is never the right answer, yet most do not even realize the means, or extremes they go to to control others, or place the blame elsewhere. They always claim they are sorry and it happens again unless there is a CHANGE and that almost never happens without a serious influence. At Project Change, The proverbial “BUCK stops Here” is not a slogan, it is the way we approach every session for the entire 24 weekly sessions within 29 weeks  as required by Florida Statue 741.325 (c) State Statute Chapter FloridaLaw

Kids Bridge Project Change BIP in conjunction with all resources of St. Johns County, and St. Augustine as a community to STOP Domestic Violence in THIS Generation. St. Johns County and St. Augustine is committed to providing resources to combat intimate partner violence.



Dedicated Professionals committed to offering a challenging, engaging, and beneficial psycho-educational program, committed to changing the way batterers make their decisions. Based on the curriculum developed by DAIP in Duluth Minnesota, and following the guidelines developed by them, and the Statutes of the State of Florida.

The Project Change program is always looking for ways to meet the needs of the St. Augustine, and St. Johns County community. Our clients participate in group meetings, where the way they make decisions and the processes involved are challenged by others in the group at every turn, remembering that they alone control themselves and their behaviors.  Our Clients are held accountable for their actions, past, present and future every week.

Batterers Intervention is not Anger Management, because simply managing anger does not cause a person to “CHANGE” the way they think or act. It simply teaches to control anger, not the controlling, domineering, or threatening behaviors that all control Domestic Violence Episodes.




Senior Facilitator

James Neuenfeldt

(904) 347-4275




Joan Long


Program Manager

Sandy Acuff Kids Bridge

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